Flip Morse’s musical roots are founded in American and British pop rock. A self-taught guitarist with a background in classical piano, he became heavily influenced by the melodies and harmonies of the classic rock era. Though his music today remains true to that tradition by weaving addictive melodic hooks into a rich vocal fabric,
it introduces a fresh twist to the genre. One music
business executive has described it as being full of
"ear worms" -- once you listen to it, you can't get the songs out of your head!

About Flip Morse

Flip grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He played in high school bands and later dropped out of college to form a Boston-based band called The Road Apples.

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New Album:
Take My Hand

The CD "Take My Hand" is the result of over two years of laying down songs in the recording studio as Flip was able to find time on weekends. Playing with him are the extraordinary musicians Ben Smith (drums), John Morton (guitar), Mike Lull (bass), and the legendary Danny Barnes (dobro). Their collective efforts have created a CD that harks back to Flip’s classic rock roots, but offers a very fresh, new, modern sound -- deceptively complex, yet instantly accessible. Enjoy!

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